Unblocking Your Life with SoulCollage®

My client G had hit a roadblock. She had developed amazing and wonderful professional skills and was getting spectacular results with her clients, and yet, she found herself very stuck when it came to promoting her services. G is fully certified in the many energy medicine practices she employs. Yet, when her business coach had suggested she contact holistic doctors for referrals, she hesitated to do so because of the lack of university degrees.

We take this problem into our sound therapy session and, shortly after getting started, I feel a huge well of sadness opening up at her core. As the sadness drains out, I gradually come to understand what the sadness is about. In her past lives, G was, many times, a great and respected scholar. She lived for that and made wonderful contributions to her society using her academic accomplishments. Yet, her soul had agreed to leave all that behind in this life, so she could learn about new, cutting edge ways of healing, being explored, first, outside of the traditional universities. She is to master and then teach these new methods of healing to others.

But she had to sacrifice, in this life, having the respect and status that comes with conventional university achievements.

Naturally, there was a deep, deep sadness about this loss at her core. But feeling and recognizing the sadness was the gateway to letting it drain out of her. With that sadness put in its proper place, G can move on. Sound therapy did that for her.

Following our sound session, G made two SoulCollage® cards to remind her of this important release. Her first card is a “dark” card, to remind her about how she can become ungrounded and confused sometimes when sadness overwhelms her. Yet, note the figure of her Spirit Helper, always present in the background.

The second card reminds G of the joy & fulfillment she feels when she is standing in her power doing her work.

The magic of sound and images is working together to clear a path for G to fully stand in her power, allowing the truth of the past to support her, instead of block her.


Ann Hughes is the author of Craft Your Wholeness: How to Make & Use Intentional SoulCollage® Cards for Healing & Living