Healing with Intention

So, how does healing happen when you combine “intentional” SoulCollage® with Energy work? Let me tell you what occurred just this morning with a SoulCollage® colleague of mine who comes to me for sound therapy about once a month and always brings some of her current SoulCollage® cards along, too. (We use them to set an intention for our sound work.)

First of all, let me clear something up. In my experience, the “intention” in making SoulCollage® cards often comes AFTER making the cards. And that’s probably as it should be, because our subconscious mind is usually way ahead of our conscious mind. (It knows what we need before we know how to ask.)

My colleague came to her sound therapy session today with 2 cards she’d made about 2 weeks prior – both cards where her life force was trapped and constrained and hidden.  And she also brought two cards she’d just completed – cards where her life force showed up as open and vital and empowered.

We sat down and processed the two new cards and then looked at the 4 cards together. From that viewpoint, we realized that she’d created a set of contrasting cards that showed her (1) how she felt when her life force was constrained, and (2) how she felt when her life force was freely flowing.

This led to a sound therapy session that, energetically, helped release the trapped feelings and build up her fully expressive “authentic self”.  The clearing and strengthening sounds shifted my colleague’s energy on the vibrational level. Now that that energetic path is laid, her homework is to keep this shift happening, as best she can, by remembering it, internally, when she works with her cards this month.

I suggest you identify your “hot” cards and use them to remind you of your current healing intention. (See my book for ways to do this.) Then combine your card awareness with whatever intentional energy/sound/body work you prefer, and watch yourself heal and grow. How great is that!!!!

Ann Hughes is the author of Craft Your Wholeness: How to Make & Use Intentional SoulCollage® Cards for Healing & Living

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  1. Denise says:

    Ann, I love how you’ve fortified the Soul Collage process’ healing capacities with this insight. Your perspective on the intelligence of the process, t he invitation to the expression of the subconscious is very thought provoking. I wonder where else I might allow my knowing subconscious to be more present in my healing processes? Thank you for this wisdom!

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