The Unexpected Message

Sure . . . I still feel foolish when the smoke of genius starts rising unexpectedly from my freshly made cards. Yes, I can forget (!!!) . . . again (!!!) . . . how card making can set off little bombs in my life . . . maybe even especially when I’m not looking for them.

May 31st was the last card making session of the Spring season for my SoulCollage® group. “La-dee-da,” I thought to myself. “Maybe I’ll make a card today and maybe I won’t. I’ll see what the group needs and then decide. There’s really nothing going on with me right now. I probably don’t need to make a card today.” (Ha-ha-ha! My Inner Self must have been in hysterics!)

As it worked out, everyone got started smoothly and there was room for me to play. “I’ll just look through some magazines and see what happens . . .” I said to myself.

Well, I started noticing “heads” right away – people heads, animal heads, cartoon heads. And then my eye fell on a picture I knew I had to use for my background. It was a throne room, all decked out in royal red. In the foreground stood a headless manikin of a little girl in a frilly, white lace dress. I knew I had to have that picture but was clueless as to “why”.

I knew all would be revealed later. But what was next? Oh yes – the heads! I went back and dutifully cut out the heads, later arranging them at the top of the card — some were silly, some were desperate. What could it all mean?

When I was finished, I surveyed the card. That headless little girl in the frilly white dress gave me a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. Sad. She was really speaking to me. Where was her head? What about all those other heads that weren’t hers? Gosh – I was like that! Paying attention to everyone else’s head, and missing my own. (Now we were finally getting somewhere!)

There has been a family property ownership situation bugging me since my mother died five months ago. I owned half of it. Now my brother wanted me to buy his share. I thought, at first, I’d buy him out to make it easier for him – but I didn’t really want the property or the responsibility it would entail. What was my subconscious telling me here?

I decided to look at the rest of the images I’d pulled to see if there might be another card. Indeed, there was, and it came together very quickly. I cut out a Native American face and put it on a distinct and bold background. This person knew what he wanted and would accomplish it in a kind, gentle and effective way. Here was my guide.

Once again, healing and understanding had emerged from my SoulCollage® cardmaking. Oh yes . . . and perhaps it didn’t really matter that I forgot it could be so.

Ann Hughes is the author of Craft Your Wholeness: How to Make & Use Intentional SoulCollage® Cards for Healing & Living