About the Book

Are you tired of blaming others and playing victim when things to wrong? Are you willing to try something different? Something simple? Something creative? Are you willing to explore your own subconscious? Are you willing to heal; to feel gratitude and joy?

If so, Craft Your Wholeness is for you! Learn how to work with the principles of energy and the cycles of nature to heal your past and co-create your future.

Discover how to catch, with grace, whatever Life throws your way and turn it into personal treasure.

Explore how to:

  • Use SoulCollage® to make energy magic
  • Use SoulCollage to heal your past
  • Use SoulCollage to get your life unstuck
  • Use SoulCollage to flow with change
  • Use SoulCollage for inner exploration

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Get the book Craft Your Wholeness, by Ann H. Hughes, and discover how you can use the creative process of SoulCollage for your own personal healing.

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